Sakoda’s Birth Story

This lovely birth story just arrived in my inbox.  Enjoy!



Hi Marie,

I just wanted to say thank you again for offering such wonderful classes to help us get the fear out of giving birth.  Because of your classes i was able to enjoy the entire time I was pragnant as well as the delivery of our beautiful Daughter Sakoda.  Now here is my birth story.

It was New Years eve and I just had that feeling that my body was getting ready for delivery so we decided to rent a hotel room in Regina as we are from Weyburn and my Doctor has advised me that this delivery was going to be fairly fast and I just didn’t want my husband worring about the highways.  I was really tired so I went to bed early to make sure I was all rested up.  Then at 3:18am on Jan 1 I had my first surge and the surges were about 6 min apart.  I decided at 3:45 that it was time to wake up my husband and get ready to go to the hospital.  it was 5:00am by the time I got to the hospital ER and the surges were now 4 min apart.  I choose to walk to the assessment rooms and had to stop a couple of times so that I could breath though a couple of surges.  Upon assessment I was 5cm dilated and they told me that there were no delivery rooms available and that we would have to stay in the assessment room.  Then when the nurse came back she said that they were preparing a delivery room for me right away and that we would be moved as soon as the nurse arrives that they called in.  I seemed to be in my own zone and knew how to breath through all of the surges.  My husband was right by my side to remind me if I got off track as well I had my mom for support.  I wanted to have a bath and so the nurse started the water and I decided I wanted to sit on the toilet until the tub was ready.  While sitting there the surges went from 4 mins to continuously and then I felt the pressure to push.  The nurse decided that I was not having a bath and that as soon as there was a break from the surges that we better go back to the bed, but unfortunately there were no breaks in the surges and they were continuously so the nurse and my husband helped me walk back to the bed while breathing through the surges.  It was time to start pushing at 6:48amand I remember the doctor saying to the nurse that they have it easy on this one as I knew just exactly what to do and contunied to breath down the baby.  I delivered lying on my side as that was the most comfortable position and what really helped me redirect the pain was I had a tight grip on my husbands side seam of his bluejeans and I never let go until Sakoda was fully delivered at 7:00am sharp at which time I spent some skin to skin time while Sakoda just looked at me in a nice claim manor.   After the baby and placenta were delivered I made the comment “wow that was easy”, as my first kid took two hours of hard pushing to come out, the doctor just laughed and said that was the first time he has heard that in the delivery room.

Once again, Thank you.
Shantel and Curtis Seitz

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