Birth Stories

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Harper’s Birth

I went to sleep Thursday night feeling really restless. I had a bit of cramping and uncomfortableness but ended up finally falling asleep around 3am. My husband got up to leave for work around 6 am, shortly after he left I decided I get up to use the washroom. As […]

Henry’s Birth

I woke at 5:00 am on July 8th with regular surges, nine days past my guess date. I was very excited that things were finally starting, but I still tried to sleep or relax until a little later in the morning. Finally I woke my husband, Kris and we went […]

Kinley’s Birth

My guess date was Jan 12th 2013.  A week passed with no real sign of labour. I tried just about everything possible to get things going. After three acupuncture sessions and trying some Clary Sage essential oil from Marie, I finally started feeling some surges at 1:00am on Jan 23. […]

The Birth of Félix

The skills I learned in hypnobirthing helped me throughout Félix’s entire birth, especially in the active stages of labour.  I view his birth as happening in two stages.  The first stage started with my water breaking on May 27th at 1:30 a.m.  I felt calm and reassured my husband that […]

Reeve’s Birth Story

Marie’s Note : I am deeply grateful to Jill for sharing this HypnoBirthing story.  It’s often difficult to find positive birth stories if you are in a situation where there is a medical reason for an induction.  I hope everyone who faces such a situation is able to read stories […]

Rachel’s Birth

Rachel Paige’s Birth Story After staying a week past her predicted arrival date, Rachel decided she was ready to join the world and she wanted to get here fast…. I met with my midwife, Debbie, on Friday, August 24th for my 41 week appointment.  I was healthy, baby was doing […]

Alice’s Birth

My first labour was only 4 1/2 hours long and although I decided beforehand that I would have an epidural, there was no time and my daughter was born naturally and drug free.  My husband, Ryan, and I decided to try hypnobirthing for our second baby as we expected the […]

Eden’s Birth

The last couple weeks of April were stressful for my husband and I as he was very busy at work and we were convinced this baby would come early and quickly like our first child.  Our guess date with this baby was May 4th and I successfully remained pregnant until […]

Neko’s Birth

My baby girl, Neko Lilian, was born August 1. It was a good labour and delivery. I had some stress leading up to it because our neighbour’s water tank broke and leaked and caused water damage on our floor, a section of it was ripped up, it looked awful. He […]

Jessica’s Birth

Jessica is our second child, Andrew is my oldest child and he will be three in October. His birth was fantastic also so I will tell you about his first.  We were living in Medicine Hat, and at that time I didn’t know about hypnobirthing. I was taking prenatal class […]