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Groaning Cake Recipe

As sometimes requested, here is the recipe for Groaning Cake from Ami McKay, author of The Birth House. Her moving novel is set in Nova Scotia, in eastern Canada, and portrays the turf war and philosophical divide between traditional homebirth midwives and physicians in the early 20th century, a story […]

Yay for Oxytocin

Most of you have heard me going on and on about the power of oxytocin in healing, bonding and labour. As you might recall, oxytocin is the “love hormone,” but it is also referred to as the “anti-stress” hormone. This morning I was sitting at home enjoying a quiet moment […]

Ottawa Breech Birth

It is heart warming to hear of more and more breech vaginal births. Recently a first-time mother (a HypnoBirthing mother attended by her doula) made the news in Ottawa. Early Tuesday morning, April 13 Lily was birthed with her mother on her hands and knees. This is an unusual position […]

Benefits of Vernix – it’s amazing stuff (and here’s the scientific research to prove it)

Here are several abstracts on the antibacterial properties of vernix.  There’s a good reason why babies should not be bathed right away after birth. The power of vernix is truly astounding.  Its main benefits are its various antimicrobial properties, which help protect a newborn against a wide variety of infections.  […]

What should I wear in labour?

Sometimes this question of what to wear in labor comes up in my hypnobirthing class. I often suggest that women watch to see what women wore in the videos – hospital gowns, bra tops, towels, big t-shirts, bath robes, nothing at all, or whatever appeals at the time…    And when […]