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Loving the Belly Henna

I admit it… I think I’m a wee bit addicted to gorgeous henna designs adorning gorgeous pregnant bellies. I love this tradition as a beautiful way to celebrate and honour the beauty and magic of the pregnant belly.  The paste comes from the Henna plant and is completely safe.  The […]

Music to relax to…

I’m a big believer in the benefits of relaxation, before during pregnancy and for the rest of life too.  Lots of things in our modern lives can easily cause us stress and the more relaxation we can include in our daily lives the better we are in both body and […]

Vitamin C and Keeping Membranes Intact

Hello everyone, I think that we collectively have always known that good nutrition results in healthier moms and babies as well as safer and easier births. Here is some information that I found that actually supports this. Sit back, enjoy an orange and discover for yourself. Marie ******************************************************************** Women who […]