HypnoBirthing Class Schedule (Now Online)

Class Information & Schedule


HypnoBirthing® is taught in a series of 6 weekly classes. Each class is approximately 2.5 hours.

For Group classes, the total program cost is $342 (with GST the total comes to $360) including course materials comprising of a textbook, relaxation and visualization album (audio files) and handouts. These classes are held at my HypnoBirthing studio in the east end of Regina. Class size is kept to 7 couples to ensure that you receive the attention you need.

For Private classes, the program cost is $526 (with GST the total comes to $550) and classes are held at my office. A private class offers more scheduling flexibility, if you are unable to make a weekly evening class.

“Being somewhat skeptical of hypnobirthing I have certainly changed my mind after seeing our daughter born. The birth was very calm and mom seemed almost too relaxed, even without an epidural or any medication. The labour was extremely fast and our daughter had no marks, scrapes, bruises or any problems and neither did mom. I would strongly suggest hypnobirthing to anyone, and already have to some family expecting family members.” -Jared Ward

Upcoming Classes – NOW ONLINE

Note : If you live out of town or are not available for weeknight classes, please get in touch and I will pair with another couple so that you can received the group rate and we’ll figure out an alternate schedule.

March Weekend Session: March 28/29 Saturday & Sunday 9:30am – 4pm with lunch breaks.  Register NOW by etransfer of $360 to marie.berwald@birthbliss.ca (password: hypnobirthing).  If you would like to pay via credit card, you can register here.

April/May Session: Mondays April 6 – May 11 7:00pm – 9:30pm.  Register NOW by etransfer of $360 to marie.berwald@birthbliss.ca (password: hypnobirthing). If you would like to pay via credit card, you can register here.

If you have any additional questions please email me at  marie.berwald@birthbliss.ca

“Thanks again for all you’ve done to help make Jordyn’s birth such an empowering experience. I feel forever grateful that you do what you do.” -Cheryl Loeppky, mom to Payton and Jordyn.