On Being the Mommy 2

In my line of work, I come across a fair number of reflections about motherhood, and while I enjoy most of them, this one remains my favourite. I’m deeply grateful for Anna Quindlen’s wisdom and I hope to always remember who the experts truly are. I hope you enjoy it […]

Raising Money-Smart Kids

From piggy banks to retirement funds… teaching our kids to manage their money is just one more of the many perks of being a parent.   When you see the sophisticated advertising aimed at our kids persuading them to buy everything from breakfast cereal to this Christmas’ “it toy”,  it is […]

Nurturing my friendships 2

Since becoming a mom I often feel that my time and attention are being pulled in many directions.  The kids demand, rather than ask for my attention and are honestly so in need and incessant that they get the lion’s share of what I have to give.  Plus there are […]