Yoga and Essential Oils

We hear about yoga seemingly everywhere these days.  The same can be said for essential oils.  Both are becoming SO popular.  This is because they are BOTH awesome, and when you combine them, something pretty magical happens.  (If you are unfamiliar with yoga or essential oils – scroll down for […]

Yoga for Vaginal Varicosities 2

I wish that no one needed this post.  Varicosities or varicose veins are bad enough when they happen on your legs.  They suck even more when they happen in your vagina. However there are some simple and safe yoga movements that you can do to help alleviate some of the […]

Baby Led Yoga

Ok I know it’s an ad, but it totally made me smile.  Perhaps this is what our mom and baby yoga classes could be like if I let Markus teach the class for me.  Enjoy! [youtube=]   If you enjoyed this, you might also this these two blog posts. Symptoms […]