Baby Led Yoga

Ok I know it’s an ad, but it totally made me smile.  Perhaps this is what our mom and baby yoga classes could be like if I let Markus teach the class for me.  Enjoy! [youtube=]   If you enjoyed this, you might also this these two blog posts. Symptoms […]

Don’t, don’t, don’t…

Last night at hypnobirthing class I was telling the couples how important it is to focus on what you want to occur, as opposed to focusing on what you don’t want.  I explained how the subconscious mind does not recognize statements in the negative.  For example, if I told you […]

Good news for C-sections at the General Hospital !

I got a email from the manager of maternal services at the General. I’m sooo excited! No more separation for mom and baby at elective C-sections (if baby is doing fine, which they usually are). This is such wonderful news. It will be so much better for bonding. The first […]

Dads and Doulas

Recently one of the women in my prenatal yoga class mentioned that she was interested in hiring a doula (aka a professional labour support companion) but that her husband had some reservations.  I responded by stating how much I wished that this father-to-be could speak with other dads who have […]

The Truth about Epidurals

First let me start of my saying that my intent with this post is to inform.  Not to make anyone defensive or feel guilty about their decisions.  I think many women accept an epidural without being aware of the risks that epidurals carry. Epidurals can and do lead to: – […]

Witches and Healers

With Halloween just around the corner, I got to thinking about witches and healers and midwives, and the long and complicated history surrounding these three labels. It’s funny how at this time of year, you can see the image of the witch everywhere.  Yet how much do we actually know […]

Welcome to the World Markus

At 4 days postdate I was starting to get a bit antsy waiting for baby to arrive.  Wednesday was an emotional day for me.  So that evening I decided to take my own advice and watch a love story to get the oxytocen flowing.  It seemed to work (that in […]

New empathy for all of you who have gone postdate

Well I’m now 2 days post date according to the doctor calculations, which aren’t too certain anyways because I didn’t really remember the date of my last period or had any clue when I conceived this time around.  All the same, it’s the first time that I’ve actually been pregnant […]

Where there’s a will, there’s a wall

Hello everyone, This reflection was written by a fellow Canadian hypnobirthing practitioner named Jennifer Ellliot who works in the Toronto area.  I just loved what she said.  It’s so yogic too.  Set your intention, fill it with love and then let life unfold.  Good advice I think in any situation.  […]

Vitamin C and Keeping Membranes Intact

Hello everyone, I think that we collectively have always known that good nutrition results in healthier moms and babies as well as safer and easier births. Here is some information that I found that actually supports this. Sit back, enjoy an orange and discover for yourself. Marie ******************************************************************** Women who […]

I love Birth Stories Nights

Last night was our 3rd Birth Stories night and I just had to write about how much I love these events.  It’s so fascinating and inspiring to bring together the dads and moms who have recently given birth and the expectant parents.  I’m also awed at the depth of perception […]

The sweetness

I was trying to get something done yesterday while the kids and I were at home.  It was truly just a case of misguided expectations on my part.  It’s very difficult to get anything done, other than childcare with a 22 month old and a three and half year old.  […]

Animal vs. Human Birth

Animal vs. Human Birth The protocols in the world of animal husbandry to protect an offspring at the time of birth—no strangers, dimmed lights, freedom of movement, familiar environment, unlimited nourishment, respectful quiet, no disruptions—are done without hesitation because to do otherwise invites “unexplained distress” or sudden demise of the […]