Cell phones and pregnancy

Hello everyone, My husband recently convinced me to finally get a cell phone.  I have been holding off for a long time.  To my surprize, I have discovered that I love having a cell phone.  It’s so amazingly handy and I find it’s much easier for clients to reach me and […]

The Wisdom of Water

My gift to you: I found this amazing online exhibit about Dr. Masuro Emoto’s work about the wisdom of water. It is a testament to what you learned in HypnoBirthing…that what you think creates the reality in your body. Since we are 70% water, it makes sense that what we […]

Hello world

Hello everyone, Welcome to my blog!  Thank you for visiting.  I’m hoping that this will be a great place where we can share thoughts and ideas about pregnancy, birth and beyond. Marie If you are new to birth bliss, here are some things people are saying. “I entirely credit HypnoBirthing […]