Processing your birth experience

I believe that each birth experience transforms us.

What happens when the birth doesn’t go as planned. How can you heal? How can you come to terms with the experience? These questions are written by a midwife named, Juji as part of a workshop to process your birth experience. This questions are meant as journaling questions as a way to full address the experience and help you process. 🙂

Now mamas, find a quiet moment and grab a pen!

When you think about your previous birth, what is your favorite moment?

What moment do you try not to think about, or what moment still bothers you?

What was your most brilliant moment?

Who or what helped you most when you gave birth?

What was your first thought when you saw your baby?

If your baby could speak, what’s the first thing it would thank you for?

How did the journey of birth change you?

What do you now know about yourself that you didn’t know before?

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