Clara’s Birth

My husband and I are pretty private people, but I wanted to share my story so that it will help other mamas as they prepare. My positive birth story Resources: ·        Book: Hypnobirthing the Mongan Method ·        Course: In person 2 day weekend class with Birth Bliss in Regina, Saskatchewan […]

The Low-Down on Toxoplasmosis + Pregnancy

Kitty Litter? Raw Meat? Unwashed Veggies? Gardening? How Serious is Toxoplasmosis Anyways? If you are exposed to toxoplasmosis for the first time in your 1st trimester, it can be dangerous for your baby – causing low IQ, vision problems, epilepsy or even death. So yup – it super serious. With […]

The Arrival of Everett

Everett Robert was born a little earlier than expected at 37 weeks on Feb. 21 at 743am. He weighed a whopping 5 lb. 10 oz. Lol. We are all doing well and so in love with our little peanut.   So I had an interesting birthing event! I had an […]

“Women are Legit Superhuman” a HypnoBirthing Story

Our birth story… What I learnt throughout this birth of our first child Émanuel (Manu for short), was that for the rest of my life starting now, things may not go as I plan because there is another spirit on this life ride with me.  I felt very strong going […]

Magnesium & Pregnancy

I’m a big fan of magnesium during pregnancy.  Here’s why you need it… It’s supportive for your muscles tissues.  When you have enough magnesium you are less likely to get muscle cramps (if that’s an issue for you – check out my post on solutions for cramps) Our bodies use […]

Baby’s First Bath

When Is The Ideal Time For Your Newborn To Have Their Very First Bath? It’s true, when babies first come out into the world, they are a bit gooey – there’s a lot of fluids involved in the birth process.  Back in the day, hospital staff would wash baby right […]

Help for Swelling in Pregnancy

With the temperatures rising, swelling can be problematic for lots of pregnant women.   Knuckles and ankles bones seem to disappear as the body holds on to more and more fluid.  There is however good news.  There are many things you can do to help those ankles and knuckles re-appear. Dry […]

Ten Ways to Achieve a Gentle Birthing

A large majority of women who choose HypnoBirthing as their method of childbirth preparation are able to achieve an easier birthing; calmer, gentler, and safer for themselves and their babies.    There are several common factors that they cite as key to making this happen. They searched until they found a […]

“Birth Is The Best” – My Story

Jason and I are overjoyed to share with you the birth of our son J.R. (James Robert).  Our birth story was made possible by hypnobirthing. The mindset we gained from your classes and at home study gave me the focus I needed to have the birth I dreamed of. My […]

Let’s Talk About Aromatouch Diffused

How many uses can I find for the Aromatouch Diffused Set? So you’re looking at essential oils, but maybe you’re not really sure if they are right for you. My sister was in your shoes a few years ago.  And while with hindsight she can now see that one of […]

Welcoming Lia – Our Birth Story

My daughter Lia was brought to my husband and I on March 21 at 5:00 pm. I had an amazing pregnancy and stayed active throughout as I worked in a physically demanding job. I was due March 20 so was exactly 40 weeks pregnant when I delivered her. I had […]

Getting Your Protein in Pregnancy : The Protein Snack Plate

As far as nutrition goes, most of the families I work with have a pretty clean wholesome diet to begin with, but I wanted them to make sure they are getting 75-100 grams of protein each day. Why is Protein so Important in Pregnancy? The amino acids found in protein […]

Myla’s Birth Day

“The birth was the most beautiful and empowering time I will ever have in my life.”   ~Laura England Myla Grace Myla Grace entered our world at 10:51am on April 3rd. Our original guess date was March 25th, so I began preparing for anything to happen anytime in March. Although I […]

Pregnancy Gratitude Affirmations

The energy of appreciation is one of the sweetest and most positive out there.  It has the power to lift us out of a funk, and to help us celebrate our lives just as they are. And let’s face it – there are aspects of pregnancy that can get you […]