Ready Set Baby: Newborn Care Class

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What if you felt bonded like super glue?

      What if you knew how to calm your baby’s cries instantly?

What if you could make breastfeeding easier + more successful?

The Ready Set Baby Newborn Care Class Has You Covered.

During this two and a half hour class we’ll be focusing on baby care, in particular breastfeeding and baby soothing techniques.

The breastfeeding education teaches you how to work with your baby’s instincts and reflexes to make breastfeeding easier.  This method is so effective that it is taught by lactation consultants, and works well to prevent many breastfeeding and latch issues.  This will help you side step difficulties and to make breastfeeding more successful.

Our second focus is on soothing babies.  Marvellously these are calming techniques that you and your partner can BOTH do to help your little one.  Plus they are taught in a very hands-on manner.  So you’ll get great practice and feel confident that you’ll know what to do to lull your baby when he or she cries. In addition, we will also learn how to interpret your baby’s different cries and body language.  Every new parent dreams of understanding what their baby is trying to communicate.  During this class, you’ll learn to recognize those signs and signals so you’ll understand what baby needs = and that makes all the difference!

Cost : 50$ per couple    (attend online from the comfort of home)

Upcoming Dates

Tuesday Dec 15 at 7pm to 9:30pm CST   Register Now

Here’s what other parents have had to say about this class…

“What has stayed with me; my baby is now two and half months old, is all the breastfeeding information we went through.  So helpful. Thanks”  ~ Iveta 

“Even though we have older children, we didn’t know about the 5 calming techniques, or about that style of laid back breastfeeding.   I would really recommend it to all parents.”  Kathy and Mike

“The Ready, Set, Baby class was very helpful.  Being pregnant for my first time, I have been reading about birthing, labour, pregnancy nutrition, but not even thinking about what actually happens when baby arrives.  Learning about lay-back breast feeding and baby-calming techniques was great.  We got some extra skills and advice to tuck away in our toolkit until needed.  The combination of instruction, video and hands on practice was great.  I would certainly recommend this to first-time families.”   ~ Vicki and Adam

“The class was very helpful to us and soon after we saw another couple who took the class and were putting the tips to use. The tips for breastfeeding, and the cues to use when the baby is upset were really good to learn as we have no experience in those areas.  We really enjoyed the classes and found your style to be very relaxed and helpful.”   ~ Leah and Danny