“Yoga” means to unite or to bring together.

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With yoga women deepen their connection to their own bodies, finding more comfort while they experience the rapid and unfamiliar changes of pregnancy. After birth, women learn to reconnect to their changed body and reclaim their core strength.

Women connect with their hearts and minds as they settle into the calm stillness of the meditative practice. By slowing down and paying attention, women also connect with their growing baby to form a loving bond before birth and to deepen this bond after birth.

And importantly, women connect with each other, in a rare atmosphere of trust and camaraderie where they can speak freely about issues that non-pregnant friends and family don’t easily relate to.

Ultimately, women come to know themselves as a part of something greater, as the spiritual nature of pregnancy and motherhood connects them deeper into the circle of life.

“I really enjoyed Marie’s prenatal yoga as well as the mom and baby yoga. Her wisdom on the whole experience has been really valuable.” ~Jennifer Serink, mom to Sophia