Diaper Bag Make-Over


When I became a mom, I suddenly wanted to do things not only differently but better.  Stuff I had never thought about, now mattered to me…

“What are the ingredients in the those wipes?”

“I don’t want to put that on her skin, I have no idea what those chemicals are!”

“Is my laundry soap going to be safe for her skin?”

And on and on.  Sound familiar?

I was overwhelmed!  So I focused on making small changes that made a big difference.  A diaper bag make-over is a great place to start!

When I investigated the ingredients in baby bum creams, baby powers and baby wipes, I discover that you simply can’t assume that all the ingredients are safe.

Why is that?

Well currently, Health Canada does not require any company to prove that their product is safe by any independent testing before it hits the market.  Researchers have to proof something is unsafe before it gets pulled off the shelves.  That’s why bisphenol A was common in baby bottles for years until enough research showed that it is harmful.   The makers of bisphenal A never needed to prove that it was safe before they added to products.  Doesn’t that seem backwards to you?  It sure does to me.

Currently more and more research is building that many of the chemicals, which surround us and are in fact in us (because the human body is highly permeable) actually do us harm.

So I started with one small change – the diaper bag!    And yes small changes do matter, because along with being very permeable, the body human is also a self-healing organism.  Your body is constantly trying to rid itself of  the toxins inside you and as soon as you stop adding new chemicals, the body’s chemical load starts to decrease.  And this is true for your baby as well!

Now I love teaching other moms to do the same!

In you live in Regina, Saskatchewan, I invite you to come and make-over your diaper bag with me!

You’ll go home with baby wipes, baby bum cream, baby powder, baby tummy soothing remedy and an alert focus remedy for you!  

You’ll also learn how to make all of these products yourself – they are safer (no nasty chemicals) and they are loads cheaper too!  It’s a total win win situation!

Just working on the date for the next class…  stay tuned


If you aren’t close enough to attend in person, email me at marie.berwald@birthbliss.ca and I’ll send you all the recipes!