Session Info, Etiquette & Booking

 Good to Know Ahead of Time

  • Sessions last an hour and thirty minutes.
  • Sessions are done in person at my office, or online appointments via zoom.
  • During the first session, your goals are discussed and some time is spent getting to know each other.
  • With your co-operation and permission, hypnosis is then introduced.
  • During the hypnotic state, you will receive suggestions and do the work agreed upon between myself as the hypnotherapist and yourself.
  • The suggestions are designed to allow your subconscious mind to accept and process the information to bring about the desired changes.
  • Subsequent sessions begin with recapping the previous session and discussing any concerns or comments on the changes taking place. More profound work is done to get to the root cause of each particular issue.
  • At the end of each hypnosis session, you return to full alertness feeling relaxed and energized.
  • Most issues will require at least 2 sessions to resolve.
  • The session cost is $150 (tax included).

Sessions by appointment only.   All sessions are provided in a safe, relaxing and private atmosphere. Confidentiality is respected and discussed in the first session.

To book your appointment online, click here.

If you have questions, you may contact me via phone 306-502-5477 or email.

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