Success Stories

“Through hypnotherapy, you have helped me so much. My anxiety is much more manageable now, and I am so thankful I came to you vs turning to medication. My anxiety is not 100% gone, but it went from 8-10 on a regular basis down to around 3-4, and thankfully not even daily anymore which it was before. I just hope you know the impact you have on others’ lives in a positive manner. So again thank you!”  Kayla H.

“Thank you so much for the session today, what an amazing experience.  I have never been hypnotized before, wow, is all I can say.  Thank you. I look forward to sleeping more easily now.” -Pam R.

“When I asked Marie if she could do anything to help me, I did not know what to expect. All I knew was that I felt a disconnect with my baby, felt almost indifferent to everything around me and was exhausted. My baby loved me so much, but I felt like I could not return that love and I knew it was different than it had been with my daughter whom I felt instant love for in the delivery room.  It only took one session with Marie. I went through a whirlwind of emotions that I did not know I even had and was brought back to moments in my past that I did not even know had affected me so profoundly. Under hypnosis, I was brought back to the delivery room and I felt that instantaneous love which I knew I should have had. I cried a lot during hypnosis. When I was brought out of hypnosis I felt emotionally drained, but better. The next day I felt like a new person. I felt rested, back to myself and most importantly I felt overwhelmed with love for my little man. I would recommend this to anyone who has a touch of the baby blues or severe postpartum depression.” -Lindsay R.

“My hypnotherapy session was the chance to really face some painful emotions in a safe environment and from a place of relative calm.  After my miscarriage, it gave me the chance to feel close to and give love to my baby.  Also, the suggestions Marie made, really brought me comfort.  It has still been a long process, and I don’t know if one ever really completely gets over this kind of thing, but doing the hypnotherapy with Marie was definitely the first step in my healing.”  – Lynda Burgress

“This experience [my past life regression] was extremely valuable and important to me. Whether you believe you are reliving a past experience or not, it defiantly explained a lot of my behaviours and emotions I carry with me on a daily bases. Throughout my past life regression, a reoccurring emotion became evident. The person I was seeing and lived through felt trapped in her life. She was never able to do the things and be the person she wanted to be. In my past life regression, I actually met a person who had extremely similar characteristics and personality qualities that I myself carry in this life. I remember the feelings of wanting to be like this person. I honestly believe that I made the choice in my past life to be the person I am today. After this experience, I constantly encourage myself to do the things I want to do and be the person I want to be. I think about my past life all of the time and feel grateful and appreciative to Marie for taking me on this journey. It is a great experience and I would recommend it because knowing yourself in a deeper way will always help you in future endeavours.” –Dana Rogoschewsky

“I had two hypnotherapy sessions with Marie after my best friend passed away a day before my baby’s due date. Understandably, this was a very difficult time for me, and I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to welcome the baby’s birth. The hypnotherapy sessions were really helpful; I instantly became more relaxed and centred, and I had a very good sleep that night. I felt peaceful, despite the stress of the situation, and felt more able to deal with both the passing of my friend and the upcoming birth of my baby. Marie was so easy to talk to and helped me out tremendously during a really hard time.” -Sara Hughes

“Thanks again for yesterday’s session!  It was amazing and while I’ve caught myself picking my fingers a few times, it’s nothing like it was before and not only that but my hands/fingers FEEL differently inside and that’s awesome.  My previous need to ‘go at myself’ has diminished – hooray!” -Holly A.

“Over the years I have struggled to reach or maintain my ideal weight and spent countless hours agonizing over body image.   Last year, I did several one-on-one hypnosis sessions with Marie and then followed up by using her hypnosis recordings.   The personal sessions were overwhelmingly emotional, but also incredibly cathartic.   Marie has a very gentle, soothing presence that allowed me to confront some difficult memories and unravel the ways that I have learned to use food as a quick fix when feeling stress, anxiety or loneliness.   The hypnosis recording was especially powerful.   The words in the recorded hypnosis session really did sink into my consciousness despite the fact that I generally fell asleep while listening to it!  But the next time I found myself reaching for chocolate when stressed, I suddenly heard the words in my head guiding me in another direction.  This is not the first time I have worked toward weight loss, but it is the first time that the process has felt this calming and secure.   In the past, I had to be incredibly rigid or I would quickly spiral downwards.  One slip-up could mean days of binging and guilt.  But that is not true for me anymore.   I am losing weight, but I am not struggling over it in the same way.   For me, it has not been an instant change, but a gradual journey where the healthy messages from the hypnosis sessions and the recordings are becoming part of who I am. So that making beneficial choices for my body is easy.   I feel very grateful that I decided to explore hypnosis and that I was able to work with such a caring and compassionate hypnotherapist.” -Tera V.

“For as long as I can remember, I have been afraid of water.  Consequently, a trip to the beach meant nothing more than wading in up to my knees or waist, at the very most.  I would quickly become bored with this and return to the sand, watching others splash, play, and swim.  Well, this winter, after about 5 sessions of hypnosis, I actually went snorkelling in Mexico.  We were way out at the reef, about a mile from shore.  It was SO much fun.  And I wasn’t the least bit scared.  I just want to say a huge “thank you” for all the help you gave me.  It was hard work getting to this point, with the tears and emotional upheavals, but well worth it.  In the future, should I need hypnosis again, I’ll certainly be calling you.  Thanks a million, Marie!”   – Leanne P.

“I don’t know what it is, but now when I have problems, they just don’t seem to infect everything else.  I am looking out for myself and focusing on what I deserve.  Feels weird, but good, and I’m smiling as I write this.” -C.S.

“Hypnotherapy helped me get to the root of a bad habit that I had been trying to rid myself of for more than a decade.  Marie allowed me to discover the reasons behind the behaviour, and then exchange it for something positive. I feel more self-confident, more in control, and so much happier now. I have recommended her to all my friends because she helped me to overcome personal issues effectively and quickly. It was just a wonderful experience – thank you!” -Amy W.

“Whilst I only managed the single hypnotherapy session with you, rather than the two I’d intended, I am convinced my confidence, and the very rewarding outcome can be attributed to the help I received from you. Thank you!” -Jo White

I am a 49-year-old woman with a very long history of food-related issues and a cyclical pattern of dieting and overeating.  In my work with Marie and in using her weight loss hypnosis recordings I can see my old destructive patterns going away. Food is no longer my first choice for coping with stress.  The best thing is that the healthy changes I am making really seem so effortless. I am calmer and more relaxed overall and feel in control of myself and my life.  The hypnosis is not about dieting it’s about helping me to discover my body’s true natural desire to be fit and healthy. It is helping me to discover “My New Truth.”      – Shirley T.

“I wanted to say a big THANK YOU for the hypnotherapy sessions!!  I can honestly say that I love my hands, I’ve had no desire to pick at my fingers, and even more so, for the first time in my ENTIRE 36.5yrs on this earth, I LOVE MY HANDS!  And what’s even more, a friend who works in an esthetics salon wants to use me as a HAND MODEL in some shots she needs to take for advertising and so on!  Crazy!  I never ever would have even dreamt that possible in my wildest dreams!  I get compliments on my hands quite often now and again, that never happened ever! I also find that I am communicating differently, I feel clearer and more focused in my head so that my mind isn’t zipping around like a speed-freak on crack haha weird imagery maybe, but that’s kind of what my head was like at times.  I feel more confident and emotionally mature now, or perhaps more than I did before, more womanly and grounded tooIt was definitely time to heal that habit, along with everything else that needed expression and a new voice that did not involve mutilating my hands, as that is how all that buried stuff was trying to speak to me.  I am finding my ‘voice’ more and more every day and I love the continued unfolding of this experience.” -H.R. in Regina

Hypnosis with Kids: 12 years old boy – Report from his teacher:  “I wanted to mention to you the changes in J. since the first session with hypnosis. He has been in a great mood- and is working very hard to get his work done. He’s often the first one to finish his math and he’s very proud of doing his Spelling without help! All of the staff has noticed his change in mood and I couldn’t be happier! He’s just had a great week and a half. Let me know when he is going again for hypnosis.”

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