What Other Moms Are Saying

About Mom & Baby Yoga…

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“Thanks for mom and baby yoga classes we did this year I really enjoyed them and so did babies. It definitely helped me be physically and mentally stronger to help take care of twins.   And even though it took effort and work to get us out of the house, it was something I always looked forward to and was always worth it.  You do such a great service for mothers and babies for our community. I’m so glad you enjoy doing it.  And I always recommend it to other mothers. You’re awesome. When I sing the river song to them, it totally gets there attention and calms them down.  They’ve heard it since they were  8 weeks old!”  Leanne Duperreault, with Emmett and Lyla



“I took Marie’s Mom and Baby Yoga class after having my second child, Isabel. I had also taken Marie’s Prenatal Yoga class while pregnant with Isabel, and many of the same women from this class were also in our Mom and Baby class. Both classes were great, and introduced me to a wonderful group of moms with whom I have become close friends with. Sharing this special time with our babies, and discovering people who were going through the same challenges, wonders and joy that motherhood brings, truly united us, and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet these amazing women. I feel like I have known them forever, and have enjoyed the chance to grow with them as mothers, and watch their children move from early infancy to curious toddlers.  I would recommend both of Marie’s classes to any new moms, whether they be having their first or fourth child. The opportunity to be around women who are in the same position as you is truly invaluable.”  Linda Burgess, mom to Isabel




“I really did find your class very rewarding for my baby and I. I know now how relax and do yoga stretches to relieve some pain in my lower back as well as how to breathing the right way.  I feel more connected to my baby thanks to you and all the other girls during the discussions each week. Yoga has impacted my life mentally, spiritually, and physically. Thank you. “  Jackie Wagner




“I just wanted to send a note to say thanks for the last two sessions of mom and baby yoga.  Charlotte and I have really enjoyed our weekly date with you and the others.  Thanks for your friendly and calm presence, and for being so sweet with all of our babes!” – Crista Bradley




“I have been attending Mom and Babe yoga since Mya was 5 weeks old. She is now almost 9 months. I absolutely love going. I feel I am building a closer bond with her when I am there. It is a time set aside every week that is just for me and her. No phone calls, no dishes, no laundry, just us. I have watched her grow up during the yoga sessions as have I watched her little friends grow. The babies interact and love the yoga. Whenever we leave Mya babbles and babbles as if she is telling me all of the stories from yoga. I have made wonderful friends, toned up my post-partum body, relaxed, bonded with my baby, and had a great time doing it all. It is a wonderful experience and I would recommend it to anyone!” ~Lindsay Roysum, mom to Mya