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About Prenatal Yoga…

“I’d like to say that I went to two back-to-back sessions of this class during my pregnancy and I LOVED IT! I recommend prenatal yoga to everyone. The breathing and relaxation exercises were so beneficial in easing the pains of labour. I also met some wonderful women. It was just an overall wonderful experience for my body and for my mind, to connect with other women, and with my baby. Thanks Marie!!!”
   Jessica Jakubowski, mom to Jacob






“Yoga helped me deal with the aches and pains of pregnancy. Because I did yoga I was able to enjoy my pregnancy much more. The ability to let go and relax really helped. I enjoyed the discussions and learning about the beauty of birth. I’m very proud of the contribution I made to bring Ella into the world. Thank you for your part in instilling my confidence.”
   Joanna B., mom to Ella




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“I initially decided to take the class to help my physical well-being
through my pregnancy. However, what I found was that I really enjoyed the feeling of connection and common experience that I had with all the other Moms in the group. It was the nicest time of the week, when I could feel completely comfortable being pregnant with no self-consciousness, surrounded by other pregnant women. I always left the class with a sense of feeling strong both in body and spitit which helped me cope with many of the strains that pregnancy can place on your body. Also, I felt comfortable sharing both joys and problems with the other women in the class which helped me feel like I was never alone.”
   Diane Gareau, mom to Abby




“I absolutely loved Marie’s prenatal yoga class. I had never taken a yoga class before, but Marie provided everyone with a calm and relaxing environment and she fostered trust and friendship among all those in attendance. I have a spinal disorder, which I thought would cause me great difficulty throughout my pregnancy. However, with the stretches and exercises that Marie provided I made it through to full term without any problems. I always looked forward to her class and I feel that the reason my labour was so easy was due to her teachings in breathing and body control. It was probably one of the best things I could have done for my son and me.”    

   Sarah Phipps, mom to Logan and Dominic


Standing Spinal Twist

“Participating in prenatal yoga was an uplifting and calming experience for me. It allowed me time to share my pregnancy experience with others and learn from their experiences. I learned relaxation and stretching techniques that still help today. Prenatal yoga was an incredibly positive experience for me and I would not hesitate to recommend it to other ‘Mom’s to be’.”
   Bobby-Jo Eaket, mom to Ethan






“I’m so very glad that I took your yoga class because I think that it really helped me with my labour!!! And I appreciated the birth visualization that you emailed to us; I listened to it in early labour and it helped me to focus. It was easy for me to lose focus over that 24 hr span, especially once hard labour hit, but everything I learned in your class really came in handy!!”
   Stephanie Lavallee, mom to Samuel





“I feel like I had the birth I wanted and was able to experience it in the way that I wanted. I credit a lot of that to you and your class, because prior to your class I never really had thought about some of the concepts you brought up, and thanks to your positive and empowering take on giving birth, I was able to feel like I had some control in creating the kind of birth that I wanted. So thank you very much for all that you did. I will recommend your class to every pregnant woman I know, and hopefully you’ll still be teaching it when I decide to have another!”
   Lynda Burgress, mom to Isabelle





“The prenatal yoga class helped me to focus my yoga practice for
pregnancy and childbirth. I gained confidence in my pregnant body and found greater range of motion and clearer consciousness, allowing me to be more fully present. I used meditation and pranayama to ride the strong sensations of labor and was able to stay present for the experience.”
   Angelina Baydala, mom to Phoenix