Birth Stories

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Zach’s Birth Story

A long day but so worth it…  On Monday night I went to bed after talking to my mom. I told her where to find the house keys in case we would already be in the hospital when her flight from Québec arrived in Regina Tuesday night. She told me […]

Paisley’s Birth Story

Our first pregnancy and birth had many complications and even though we ended up with the natural hypnobirth we wanted, it was very hard and my recovery took a long time. When we decided to get pregnant again we knew we wanted a different experience. For our second child Jason […]

Sakoda’s Birth Story

This lovely birth story just arrived in my inbox.  Enjoy! Marie ****************************** Hi Marie, I just wanted to say thank you again for offering such wonderful classes to help us get the fear out of giving birth.  Because of your classes i was able to enjoy the entire time I […]

Lily’s Birth Story

Lily finally arrived yesterday morning at 11:01am. She weighed 7lbs, 10oz and was born perfectly healthy.  I’m not sure when labour really started, but my surges were about 10 minutes apart and 45 seconds long at 2 am on the 23rd of December. I slept until 11am that day then […]

Hazel’s Birth

Hazel,  Born at 9:50 pm, Wednesday, August 31, 2011   My “guess date” was August 23rd and I was optimistically hoping to deliver the baby a week early (although Hazel had other plans!). My midwife told me that usually, first babies are born 8 days after the due date, which is […]

Arabella’s Birth

We had been planning a home birth but to our disappointment we were told that we couldn’t have a home birth on the weekend as only one midwife is on call (there must be two present), so when I started getting surges on Saturday morning (about 3:30 am) I was […]

Lara’s Birth Day

My guess date was April 5th, but I had convinced myself I’d be early, about a week. I had this notion that 2nd pregnancies usually come earlier. I was staying with my sister during this last stretch, wanting to deliver in Saskatoon, a few hours away from my home in […]

Avista’s Birth

Avista is my second daughter but my first hypnobirthing baby. To demonstrate the night and day experiences between her birth and my first daughter, Indeka’s, I’ll give you a brief account of my first birthing experience. Labour began on my due date around 11 pm when my water broke. I […]

Calla’s birth

My wish for a Mother’s Day baby came and went, and I woke up the next morning six days postdate. I was extremely excited to finally meet our baby and couldn’t wait to go into labour.  I’d had so many false labour alarms, so I didn’t want to get my […]