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The Birth of Karyss

With Shannon’s first birth – she felt overwhelmed by the contractions of labour. She told me that if contractions are like waves, then that first time, they were pulling her under, and she felt like she was drowning. Her body would freeze & she would just hold the breath to […]

Sara’s Birth

Immerse yourself in positive birth culture with stories like this, and feel the trust in your body strengthening. Here is Jill’s experience… Labour got started for me much later in the month of May than I thought it would.  Being that this was my 3rd pregnancy and how uncomfortable I’d been feeling […]

Clara’s Birth

My husband and I are pretty private people, but I wanted to share my story so that it will help other mamas as they prepare. My positive birth story Resources: ·        Course: Better Birth course with Marie Berwald ·        Facebook group: Holistic Bump –utilized for positive birth stories. ·        Support […]

The Arrival of Everett

Everett Robert was born a little earlier than expected at 37 weeks on Feb. 21 at 743am. He weighed a whopping 5 lb. 10 oz. Lol. We are all doing well and so in love with our little peanut.   So I had an interesting birthing event! I had an […]