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I love Birth Stories Nights

Last night was our 3rd Birth Stories night and I just had to write about how much I love these events.  It’s so fascinating and inspiring to bring together the dads and moms who have recently given birth and the expectant parents.  I’m also awed at the depth of perception […]

Animal vs. Human Birth

Animal vs. Human Birth The protocols in the world of animal husbandry to protect an offspring at the time of birth—no strangers, dimmed lights, freedom of movement, familiar environment, unlimited nourishment, respectful quiet, no disruptions—are done without hesitation because to do otherwise invites “unexplained distress” or sudden demise of the […]

Doing nothing

Lately I have gotten to thinking about doing nothing. This is probably because my own life has now slowed down enough for me to have time to think (for which I am very grateful).  We live in a culture that is obsessed with doing. In fact the more you “do” […]