How to Know Your Life’s Purpose in 5 Minutes

I have the joy of working in a field that allows me to connect with so many wonderful people everyday.  One of these people shared this video with me.  It’s about finding your life’s purpose in 5 minutes.  So go on… I dare you – you have 5 minutes right now – watch and share your answers in the comments below.

When I left school teaching, to set out on my own as a hypnobirthing practitioner and pre and post-natal yoga instructor,  I was blessed to have taken a course called Business 101 for Birth workers.  During that course, the instructor got us to reflect on this very same idea.  Getting clear on what is your purpose so so worthwhile.

So here it is….

1. Who are you?   Marie Berwald
2. What do you do?  I teach women prenatal and postnatal yoga and hypnobirthing childbirth education.  I teach them how to use Essential Oils to take care of their own health and wellness.  I practice one on one clinical hypnotherapy.
3. Who do you do it for?  Pregnant women and new mothers and families.
4. What do those people want or need?  They want safer, easier and more comfortable pregnancies, births and an easier transition into motherhood.  They care about health and wellness.
5. What do those people get out of it or how do they change as a result?   They have the skills, techniques and tools to increases their physical, mental and emotional wellness during the pregnancy, birth and early days of motherhood.

TADA!  Seriously that took me 5 minutes.

Post your answers below.


ps. Here is my little shout out to Alanna Bergquist, a steller hypnobirting mom and the owner of Shifting Perceptions who inspired this post.     Check out her answers and her blog.

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