Just Savour It!

The desire to bring more enjoyment into life and less stress is one that we universally share.  Here is a simple yet powerful way to do just that.

Think back on your day today.  What were the good moments?  Your hands warmed around a cup of tea, your baby giggling as you changed her diaper, a great song on the radio while you were driving, a good laugh at something a co-worker said, your child’s smile when you pick him up from school or daycare… What were your good moments?

The truth is that we all already have moments in our daily lives that we enjoy.  The trick is to SAVOUR them.  Really and truly let yourself enjoy the good moments and the things that you like that you do already.  Too often we rush through these parts of our day because we’re so focused on getting to the next task that we don’t even taste our morning coffee, even if we love it.

So make this simple change.  Savour the things you enjoy and you’ll be amazed at how much joy is in your life already… it’s just sitting there, waiting to get noticed.

Be well,


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