Nursing during the Holidays

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A friend of mine shared these wonderful tips to breastfeeding during the Holidays.  I think they are great and so I decided to share them with you, as I know many of you are either breastfeeding yourselves or have friends who are.  Please share with anyone that you think might enjoy them and find them helpful.  I especially love number 5.  They are written by Kate Cropp and Mickey Jones, two lactation consultants in Tennessee.

Happy holidays…..



Breastfeeding a baby during the holidays comes with unique joys and challenges. Sometimes it can be difficult for a new mother to balance holiday obligations, visits from relatives and the needs of a newborn. It can also be easy to let an older nursling go hours without breastfeeding during the hustle and bustle of shopping and decorating. So we’ve compiled a list of things to remember this holiday season if you are nursing a baby.

5 Tips to be a happy Maid-a-milking this Holiday Season

1. Keep mama well fed and hydrated. Make sure you are getting enough food and drink by eating a snack when nursing or after nursing.

2. If your baby is nursing exclusively or isn’t happy separating from you, take your baby WITH you to events and parties. Breastfeeding babies travel well. Food. Check. Warmth. Check. Security, Check. Mama provides all three. Consider buying or borrowing a beautiful sling to go with your dress or to dress up a slimming all black outfit. Babies make the most adorable accessory.

3. Steal away to nurse. Let’s face it, along with all the holly, jolly fun, the holidays can be overwhelming. Use the baby as an excuse to head to a quiet room to nurse laying down and catch a nap or just hold and touch your baby. This is a great way to reconnect after she’s been held by grandma for 2 hours straight! It also gives you a chance to breastfeed in privacy if you prefer to or need to due to an easily distracted baby.

4. Slow down…and don’t forget to breastfeed. Sometimes babies tend to “wean” and mothers tend to “loose their supply” during the holidays. Often this is caused by accidentally skipping breastfeeding sessions due to the extra cooking, cleaning, shopping and just general out-and-about activities of the season from Thanksgiving through the new year.  You may need to offer the breast every few hours if your baby is distracted by new faces, places or just being on the go.

5. Take the opportunity to become a confident breastfeeding mother. Your baby is taking nourishment in the way he is designed to do. You can breastfeed discreetly and confidently in front of family members and friends. And if anyone tries to give you grief, you can just tell them you are paying tribute to Mother Mary by feeding your baby the way baby Jesus must have been fed!


And if you need any breastfeeding help or encouragement, please contact our local La Leche League leaders, by phoning the

La Leche League Regina Phoneline (306) 584-5600.


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