Orgasmic Birthing

Orgasmic Birth… sounds a bit bonkers, doesn’t it!  But before you totally dismiss the idea, let me share with you some of the science behind.  During the birth process all the same hormones involved in lovemaking are extremely present in the labouring woman’s body.   As one famous midwife puts it.  “The energy that got the baby in there, is the best energy to get the baby out”.

So add in a bit of romance, intimacy and kissing into your labour… as opposed to being all stressed out, fearful and tense, and voilà !  A chance for your body to enjoy birth!  And somethings even have an orgasm.

The television news program 20/20 recently highlighted Orgasmic Birth.  Here is the link to the clip.

Wouldn’t it be great if more women knew that this was a possibility?  You never get to see that kind of birth on TV or at the movies.  I wish that every pregnant woman, heck every women period… teenagers too, could see this type of birth.   Just so that they would know that birth can be this way too.  And hopefully it would inspire women to seek a more positive experience for themselves, which in turn means a gentler entry into the world, for all the little souls being born.  It’s not just about the hippy granola crunching types who should see this.  Every women has within her the power to create a more gentle experience for herself and her baby.  Learning to trust one’s own body is a big piece of this puzzle.  The right preparation and the right mind set can make a world of difference.

Birth can be better that what most women typically imagine…

The last woman who is interviewed in this clip uses hypnosis to prepare her mind, spirit and harass the power of her imagination to work for her.  Likely she used a program like HypnoBirthing, which use hypnosis to eliminate stress and fear, and replace them with trust and love during the birthing process.  I love that HypnoBirthing teaches women about the physiological process of undisturbed birth and why it doesn’t necessary need to be a horrible, excruciatingly painful process.  Rather than teaching a woman how to deal with the pain.  Hypnobirthing teaches deep deep relaxation that release tension which is the main cause of most of pain in the first place.   Plus it gives partner’s an active role.  They learn how to help their wives stay in a deep state of hypnosis during the birth.  They feel empowered because they are helping to create the atmosphere of love and trust which makes comfortable and even enjoyable birthing possible.

You can go to to find a practitioner near you.  If you happen to live in Saskatchewan, you can contact me at to find out about classes.

Finally if this inspires you, I encourage you to share it with others!  Share the link with girlfriends, spouses, family members, daughters etc. So that more people can be introduced to the idea that when a woman’s body remains calm, and relaxed, instead of tense, birth can really be more than just manageable…. it can be a beautiful, enjoyable experience!


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