What I Learned in Florida

I just wanted to share how wonderful the HypnoBirthing conclave was in Florida. I spent 6 days learning wonderful things, meeting all these great hypnobirthing practitioners from all over the world and the icing on the cake… the conference was at a hotel on the beach. So I got to play in the waves everyday after all the learning was done.

Cool things that I learned…

1. Hypnosis for Fertility – I’m now a certified hypnofertility therapist – which means that I work with couples who are trying to convince to help them create that best mental state conductive for getting pregnant and to support any medical treatments that they might be doing as well.

2. Hypnosis for Postpartum Depression… techniques to work with women one on one dealing with ppd. By creating new beliefs in the subconscious and by releasing trauma, a woman can tap into her own healing energy.

3. The role of symbols in birthing… in particular the circle and spiral.

4. How to have an orgasmic birth… what are the conditions that make this experience of pleasure more likely to occur during birth.

5. A new natural supplement available for women after birth which ensures a good milk supply, prevents postpartum depression, significantly reduces the postpartum bleeding, and gives you a real good energy (not all the caffenine frenzied kind)… but the real I have lots of vitality and vigor to do stuff energy.

6. How to be an even better hypnobirthing instructor… ways to make my classes even more inspiring and powerful.

So so awesome. Thanks for listening to me gush.

Below is a link to a great little singing ditti that a barbershop quartet did on hypnobirthing as a salute to Mickey Mongan for founding the method 20 years ago. As an aside, the picture Mickey is holding in her hands is the original Life magazine article about childbirth without fear, that she read as a teenager which inspired her own 4 fearless, and painless joyful births and inspired the whole hypnobirthing movement. So cool.

Check it out. It’s really funny.

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