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Children can ‘imagine away’ pain

I’m always fascinated by how powerful our imaginations truly are. Below is a great article from the BBC about a study that was recently released about teaching children to use their imaginations as an effective pain relief treatment. I think it’s wonderful. Another way to incorporate the hypnobirthing techniques into […]

Yes, If Parenting

Ahren comes over and asks me if him and Julia can play outside. Immediately I want to say no, but then I take a step back and ask myself why do I want to say no? It’s because our neighbour is in the process of replacing our shared fence and […]

The Boredom of Motherhood

I call my sister… “What are you doing?”  Would you like to come over and watch ladybugs with us?”  a note of desperation in my voice.  We’ve been at this ladybug watching for a while now and I’m finding it hard to stay interested.  I’m craving adult conversion.   Happily Dana […]

When Silence is Golden

As moms sometimes we get so caught up in trying to say the right thing that we forget that our simple present in our children’s lives is the most important gift of all. Happy Mother’s Day to each of you. When Silence is Golden Ehrin opens the car door, slumps […]

Mindful Parenting

When I was training to be a prenatal yoga instructor, one of Jon Kabat-Zinn’s books was on our reading list.  I enjoyed it very much.  It reminded me of the importance of being mindful.  Being mindful is at the heart of yoga practice.  It’s the habit of participating fully in […]