When Silence is Golden

As moms sometimes we get so caught up in trying to say the right thing that we forget that our simple present in our children’s lives is the most important gift of all.

Happy Mother’s Day to each of you.

When Silence is Golden

Ehrin opens the car door, slumps down beside me
And says, “I feel awful. Today is going to be a terrible day.”
Hearing this I see many mothers who are myself.

One cajoles; ‘but the day is just beginning.’
One commands; ‘Cheer up!’
One shames; ‘Look at all you have to be grateful for!’
One blames; ‘Well, with an attitude like that…’

These familiar voices have already spoken a thousand times
And their tangled tongues like medusa’s snakes
Have the same chilling effect.

I breathe in, I breathe out.
In silence, I embrace them all;

The frantic mom desperately wanting to say the right thing.
The one who is horrified at her son’s lack of faith, hope and gratitude.
The good mother, whose kiss can’t make all hurts go away.

I breathe in, I breathe out
The snakes lose their agitation, slide down into the heart and rest.

Later that evening, the morning’s incident forgotten
Ehrin’s words wrap around my heart like sunlight,
‘Mom, thanks for helping this morning, I had the best day.’

Robin Sale, 2009

Note : Robin Sale is the woman who founded wholebirth yoga and trained me to teach prenatal and postnatal yoga. I hope you liked the poem as much as I did.

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