The Most Incredible Baby Bath

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Today I invite you to skip your normal meditation and watch this instead.  It’s just as good and probably better.  It truly is a fabulous opportunity to watch such a precious experience.

Watch for the moment at 4:49 when baby is sucking its thumb joyously!

Every baby deserves to be treated so lovingly.  What’s such a wonderful way to welcome a little one to earth.

What might it be like if we were all taught to bath our babies like this at the hospital?  Apart from encouraging babies to enjoy the experience and providing parents with the skills, the connection between parent and infant is the most powerful bond of all.  Think about how much healing could happen during a bath like this for both a baby and his or her parent, especially if there were complications or separations during the actual birth.

So things of note, the baby is calm when the bath begins.  This may seem like an obvious thing, but if you are currently at home with a newborn and you wish to recreate this scene it’s important to spend sometime calming your infant and calming yourself before you start.  Also close the door to your bathroom and let the shower run for a while on hot.  This will make the room nice and warm and humid for your baby.  Baby’s skin is quite sensitive, so test the temperature of the water on your inner wrist, which is a nice sensitive area on you and that will help you adjust the water to a nice warm temperature.  Also, your baby doesn’t need soap.  In fact, in most cases soap will be too drying to a baby’s skin.  Just water is prefect.Most-incredible baby bath

As for those worried, babies in the womb are surrounded by liquid, they naturally know how to hold their breath in water. It is quite literally instinct. You could submerge a baby and it would not take on water into its lungs, The nurse here is obviously very experienced and there was NO risk involved for this child. As a hypnotherapist and chidbirth birth educator, I am thrilled that this level of bonding and touch is being promoted this way.  Research proves this type of trusting connection to the world in our earliest days has positive impact throughout our lifetime.

I hope you loved this a much as me,


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