The sweetness

I was trying to get something done yesterday while the kids and I were at home.  It was truly just a case of misguided expectations on my part.  It’s very difficult to get anything done, other than childcare with a 22 month old and a three and half year old.  And so I found myself wishing that my kids were older and didn’t need me quite so much.  Wishing they were more independent!  Able to entertain themselves for more than 5 minutes without getting into something they shouldn’t.

But then Ahren comes over and gives me one of his big mushy toddler kisses just because and says Mama Mama like its the most wonderful thing in the world.  Wham.. I’m pulled back into the present.  Yes they are demanding and hugely time consuming at this age, but they are also incredibly sweet.  The way Julia will sit down next to me, smile and say, “I”m just keeping you company Mama”.  The way Ahren’s face lights up when he finds me in the morning.  The hugs that they give each other all the time.  The way your attention is the absolute best thing in the world.

The purity of their love and affection is pretty hard to match.  It’s an amazing thing to be at the center of someone universe.  Sadly I know that this stage won’t last forever.  Soon other people will start to occupy larger and larger spaces in their lives and their concerns will be bigger and more difficult.

So I decided to stop and enjoy them as they are right now, because I’m sure one day down the road when Julia will tell me to bugger off,  I’ll look back on these days with some longing.


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