New empathy for all of you who have gone postdate

Well I’m now 2 days post date according to the doctor calculations, which aren’t too certain anyways because I didn’t really remember the date of my last period or had any clue when I conceived this time around.  All the same, it’s the first time that I’ve actually been pregnant past my due date.  Both Julia and Ahren came a day or a couple days before their due dates.

And I know that it’s only a guess date and that it’s an estimate at the best of time, but still it’s weird to be sitting here with no baby in my arms yet.

I went for acupuncture this morning, but I’m kind torn on pushing the issue.  It almost feels a bit disrespectful to baby to want to force it before he or she is ready.  Plus on a philosophic level, I believe that babies need to come when it’s their time because that’s when it’s best for them.  I’m a sort of believer in the influence of planets and stars and moons and birthing times.  All astrologists start by asking when you were born, down to the hour because it has an effect.  This may seem strange, but I believe that the baby has already chosen the type of influence he/she wants for this life.  So during the acupuncture this morning I had a little chat with baby reassuring him/her that it wasn’t my intent to be pushy, but rather just a desire to encourage my body to move in that direction so that when labour does start it will be easy and swift.  That made it feel alright for me.

So part of me is at peace with waiting, but another part is finding being patient totally challenging.  More so than I would have thought.  On the upside, I work with many women who go postdate and this experience is giving me new appreciation for their situation.  So to all of you who have waited past that magic due date day and watched others have their babies while you wait…  I salute you!

Marie (awaiting baby number 3)

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