The Diva Cup

Ok. So I don’t normally blog about products but this one is just so great that I’m gonna!

The Diva Cup. It’s this silicon cup made right here in Canada that takes care of all of your menstrual cycle needs in one easy to use, environmental, cost effective, tidy and comfortable way.

Some of you already know that I make an effort to reduce my environmental impact where I can. I cloth diaper, recycle, reuse, compost and all that. I thought about what to do around the whole monthly period experience. While actually I hadn’t really thought about it for a long time, seeing as I went from pregnant to nursing and back and forth for the past 6 years. But I’m finally off that wagon. Well almost. Markus is still nursing. But my menstrual cycle has returned and that got me thinking about the kind of product that I wanted to use.

I discovered the Diva Cup and I’m just soooo happy with its performance. It is neat and tidy! No messy pads! No strong smell. And it’s totally comfortable too. Plus it’s not associated with toxic shock syndrome which gives me some nice peace of mind. The form of silicone used in the product is odorless, has antibacterial properties, is latex-free, plastic-free and BPA-free. And this type of silicone is approved for use as feminine hygiene protection by the FDA and Health Canada. Sounds pretty good’eh! Think of all the pads and tampons you use in a year and then think of all the women in Canada who also use those products. It adds up to a lot in the landfill over time. It’s easy way to be “green”.

On top of it all, it’s cost effective, because you pay once and reuse again and again. Plus it would be great for traveling. Actually I’ve been so excited about this thing that I have been telling everyone including my brother (we are a pretty open family), and he surprised me by launching into this big speech about how this is the best thing since sliced bread. Apparently his backpacking travel companion Michelle used it throughout their trip, loved it and she also could not shut up about it… so hence my brother’s surprising awareness of the Dive Cup.

Essentially it’s a little cup that you fold in half, insert and your vaginal muscles keep it in place and it collects all the fluids. Two or three times a day you pull it out using the tap at the bottom of the cup and dump the contents in the toilet, wash and reinsert. Easy peasy!

If you really want to find out more, visit their website….


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